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Winning Strategy

The strategies to bet on the different sports are completely different in each discipline. On the one hand we can find the strategies that can help us win in football, one of the sports that move the most money in sports betting in Spain.

Football, in fact, is the most difficult sport in which to be able to win money in sports betting, unless you are a great expert, since there is a factor like the one of the tie, that should evaluate the quotations of the victories very much More upward, but it is not so. The quotations of the winner, as a favorite in a match are usually very similar to those we can find in a similar situation of two teams of a similar profile in basketball, with the handicap of which in football, the tie is a result that statistically Gives about 30% of the occasions.

This makes, without a team is very favorite and must win three out of four matches, in football is much more complicated, because not only must do much more than the rival, but must materialize in the scoreboard. In basketball, normally the best team ends up winning because the rival, every 20 seconds, has to attack. He can squeeze his possession, but once he attacks and defends. In football it is not like that. A team can only defend itself during the 90 minutes and achieve their goal of not losing the game, a result that in many cases is positive.

However, this, which should be reflected more noticeably in the quotations of the favorites in a football match is not so. The odds of the draw are always very high, above 3 in any case, but the victory of the favorite is not evaluated, (does not raise its price).

So, as a general rule, we could say that any strategy that involves playing football in a priori bets and without seeing the direct is a bad decision. In order to bet on football, you must do with all possible information: Alignments, coaches' statements, state of play, climatology, previous environment and status of the 11 headlines of each team.

If possible, in addition, watch the match live and have a good connection to make the decisions of our live forecasts. With all this, it is still difficult to hit: In many cases even, the team that advances does not close the game and ends up winning because a 1-0 is very dangerous. Almost any move against, a corner, a side foul or a long ball can balance a very unbalanced match in the game.

The statistics in soccer help a lot to know who can be the winner of a match, but they are not always fulfilled and the quotations penalize the error a lot.

In general, betting on the favorites should be a decision that is taken very cautiously and with a strict knowledge that the bet has value. However, the bets that usually have it are, precisely, those that have to do against the favorite. Many times, the price of the tie ends up materializing, even if it is pure statistics and not surprising victories. These are the ones that give us true value.

If not, the best strategy in football is to look for Asian handicaps, where the draw is void, either through the return of the money, if the bet, for example is Team A +1, or +1.5. If so, you will get great quotes to start with, and if not, at least you will not lose the money in case you win a goal.

In basketball, bets on favorite wins are usually very low. It is a sport where strategies and rotations are often well studied and where the least powerful team usually depends on a day excelso in the success of their important men of the perimeter. In principle: the indoor game is usually much higher than the most powerful teams. So everything that is not winning from the perimeter, the big ones, inside, can not be won. It's almost impossible. Bigger and stronger people are only within reach of the pockets of the most powerful.

So strategies for betting on basketball also go through the handicaps. Usually traders, the professionals who fix the quotas have very well studied the margins in which the parties are going to move, but these handicaps may be sufficient for those who know better a League or how certain equipment can behave.

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