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Sports Betting

The offer of different sports with the betting companies is quite large. There are even some sports in which the friend does not even know what it is. This often raises the question, especially with beginners, what sport can be the most money. This question can not be answered on a regular basis, as buddy friends do not bet on one event and their preferences are different.

Despite all this, all successful sportswetten have one thing in common, one should be well-versed in the chosen sport. Only in this way can profits be generated permanently and good quotas can be recognized. So keep away from sports, where necessary basic knowledge and experience are missing, since you would be largely dependent on happiness. Regardless of the type of sport, rules, gameplay and betting opportunities should be known!

There are sometimes significant differences in the odds and the respective offer of the individual "bookies" that provide bets to the respective sports. Especially if you want to bet off the football discipline. Because bets are not equal to bets! This should also be considered, especially if the so-called "marginal sports" (such as basketball, futsal or swing) on ​​the slip.

On the other hand, of course, there is no changing lexicon, which means so much, you just have to know where the necessary betting information can be found to build up a certain basic know-how.

Football - by far the most popular sport

Globally speaking, football is by far the most popular sport, even when it comes to sports betting. With the online betting companies can almost bet on all events, where the round leather also rolls. All leagues around the world, even amateur games, find a big place in the bet program of the offerers. As far as the traditional 3-way bets (1X2) are concerned, there is a serious disadvantage with regard to the probability of winning football. The mathematical probability of winning is only 33 per cent due to three possible bets (victory, soccer, draws or winning team).

Basketball sport with good profit opportunities

Compared to the King's discipline of football, the sport of basketball results in a considerable, mathematical probability of winning 50% as there are only two possible playoffs. In the case of a draw, the decision is in the extension! Also statistically speaking, basketball is one of the best predictable sports. The surprise rate that the supposed underdog wins is just 36 percent (while football is already a remarkable 45%)! Despite all this the betting odds and also the number of offered betting markets are very appealing.

Tennis - the most sport in the world

According to many analysts, tennis is the most equitable type of ball sport in the world. Thus Metin Tolan from the university in Dortmund is the rock-solid conviction, if the performance difference of two tennis players is only ten percent, then 95 percent of the better wins. In football the whole thing looks quite different. In the DFB Cup, for example, a third league player can beat a Bundesliga club, which, as is well known, has often happened. Also the tennis offer can be seen and after the football known the largest offer. Even less well-known competitions can be found in the providers' bet portfolio.

Ice Hockey - Strongly gained in popularity

Even with hockey, the games are quite predictable statistically. In 41% of all cases the Underdog (value related to the Eishockeyliga NHL) wins "only". It is therefore only logical that this sport has gained massively popularity in recent years. On the other hand, ice hockey, by far the fastest team sport, can be shot in seconds. Connected with it, very attractive odds, even on the favorites.

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