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Basic Strategy to Bet on Horse Racing

The world of horse races (the same happens with those of greyhounds) may have some complexity for those who start in it. That is why we have placed so much emphasis on the value of information.

Being really informed and doing the necessary studies and analysis in the previous one of a race is not something negotiable if we want to be successful in this activity. At the same time, it is always advisable to follow a strategy. One or more, of course.

In any case it is fundamental to carry out a rigorous control of our bankroll, for which it is indispensable to establish the stake in a correct, sensible and objective way.

It is difficult to diagram a strategy in order to hit the winning horse or galgo. It is clear that we all want to do it, but we can not deny the difficulty that entails, demanding not only good information but also a high dose of good luck.

The first alternative that arises is to bet on 'Winner and placed', although this variant is not in all races, as it logically depends on the number of horses running. Also, we must confirm in advance which positions fall into the concept of "placed". If they are less than 8 horses, those placed are usually only the first and second. In races of 15 or more horses, the third is added.

In general, the best horses are dressed in long races, so many bettors are inclined to horses with high odds in short races. It may be a good strategy in certain cases, but the ideal is to find a way in which we need the influence of chance to the smallest extent possible.

What is described in the previous paragraph does not in any way mean that the best option is to bet on the favorite. If we analyze the statistics coldly, we will see that the favorites earn much less than we can imagine. As a result, a tactic that is usually praised in specialized forums is to always bet against the favorite, which in general and in the long run should pay off.

It is worth mentioning William Hill, Bet365 and Sportium as three bookmakers ideal to start in this exciting world, in all cases with a truly solid and complete in the matter.

With regards to greyhound races, betting on the favorite can be an interesting option, although the variant of playing the pair of favorites is also attractive. A third alternative is to bet on the two main favorites and to make a lay against which we think it has less chance of winning.

Regardless of what, our strategy must be accompanied by serious and responsible money management. In that sense, a good way to cover us is to make 'double bets', betting on the favorite and another horse. The triplet is also attractive sometimes.

It is important to keep a record as detailed as possible of the bets made, both to detect where we fail and what types of play we have a higher percentage of hits. Also, if a strategy definitely does not work, the best solution is to change it without laps and try luck with another.

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