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The Worst Ladies Day Fashion Traps

Everyone goes to the races with different motives. Some people go because they want an excuse to consume large quantities of alcohol while the sun’s up, others just fancy a flutter on the horses (in which case your best option is to place some Betfair Horse Racing bets). But some go for a different reason- some people go just for one day, and that day is Ladies Day! The day where fashion is queen and style is the goal with numerous gorgeous outfits on display and most of the attendees vying for the coveted prize of the Style Award! While the gamblers spend the run up to the day looking up horse racing tips, the fashionistas spend their days assembling the perfect race-day outfit. But be careful! There are a lot of mistakes you can make while building your race day outfit so make sure you bear the following tips in mind.

1. Avoid black

It’s a tried and true item that every woman should have in her wardrobe, the reliable staple of the little black dress might seem like a great choice for a low-key fashion win, but it’s a risky manoeuvre for Ladies Day. Rather than simple, demure and versatile, the goal here is to be as ostentatious as possible and to create a unique and distinctive look. The little black dress has little place on Ladies Day, the aim here should be colour, and stand out looks, that are going to catch the judge’s eye. Black isn’t completely off the menu but it’s an unusual choice, most attendees will be focusing on bright colours and carefully balanced colour palates so a monochrome ensemble of pure black will stick out like a sore-thumb (not in a good way). Instead, try and aim for colours that will suit your base skin-tone and build from there.

2. Avoid over-the-top hats

It’s a risky choice to go with no hat but there’s a very fine line between showy and garish. Many of the hats that you’ll see on Ladies Day will likely be resting directly upon this line. While it’s not exactly obligatory, a hat is often seen as a vital part of the race day outfit. It’s so ingrained that, for some, to go without one is regarded as a bit of a faux pas. Using your hat to make an impression is heartily encouraged but finding the right way to do it can be tricky. For instance, in the past there have been attendees with hats shaped like a Full English Breakfast, a leopard print top-hat or a gigantic love heart.

Unique? Most definitely! Stylish? Well…

While going full practicality is unlikely to impress anyone, the hat itself needs to be deployed in careful moderation so it stays on the tasteful, impressive side of the line and doesn’t tilt into full on silly (at least, not if you’re hoping to win the style award: if it’s just because you want a hat that’s going to be photo-worthy then you do what you got to do!)

3. Keeping things appropriate

Unless you were already planning to wear a ballgown, it’s assumed you’ll want to show a little skin, and more power to you! But some of the race day outfits of recent years have begun to move into… well, less reserved territory. It can be sorely tempting to wear that daring dress with the large exposed chest-piece and no back to speak of but remember that it’s April and the weather can easily turn colder than expected and leave you shivering under a borrowed coat! Having a complete ensemble will help keep you stylish whatever the weather and while April is when things start to warm up, there’s no guarantee you won’t have to deal with a cold snap.

4. Too high heels

This is more for your safety than it is for your style, having toweringly tall high heels is a great way to stand above the crowd and gives you some great calf definition, but the problem is that Ladies Day is an all-day event. While they’ll be fine for the first few hours, by the middle of the afternoon your poor feet will be struggling if you haven’t found a good place to sit down. It’s for this reason we advise you bring some flats with you or a pair of fashionable boots, so you can swap your shoes if the going gets too rough. Improvising something on the day can leave you looking a little embarrassed so plan ahead!


While all of these traps are definite gambles, as long as you keep your wits about you (and some friends to offer second opinions), you could probably pull off any one of these looks with flair and style, but it never hurts to bear in mind some of the mistakes that can be made.

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