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Tennis Betting

While football, horse racing, rugby, and cricket tend to be the sports that most punters gravitate toward, there are plenty of others to choose from for those that want something a little different. One great betting sport is tennis, and the betting scene surrounding tennis is growing by the day.

It’s a fast-paced, thrilling sport, and it’s one of the most exciting to bet on. Some of the bigger tournaments to keep an eye on include the US Open and Wimbledon, when online bookies start putting the latest odds up. This is also the perfect time for new punters to begin betting on tennis.

Some Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis is a slightly more advanced sport to bet on, and it can take some research and patience before you’re ready to start betting on a more successful level. One tip that many experts agree on is to specialise early. This means putting a fair amount of research into aspects such as the players themselves, their histories, the types of tournaments that are on during the year, and the kinds of bets and odds that bookies offer.

Specialising requires that you turn all your focus into a specific facet of the tennis world, but while it may become a little boring to only have your attention on player or tournament at a time, it does increase your chances of winning bets more frequently, and you can easily record games while playing the online pokies NZ have to offer.

Another good piece of advice is to start keeping records of all the bets you make. From the ones that lost you all your money, to the ones that made you heaps of money, record everything in as much detail as you can. Tennis is all about identifying value, and managing your betting funds. Dates, tournaments, bookmakers, stakes, profit and losses, and extra notes all should be jotted down in records that you have easy access to as soon as the international tennis season begins.

Understanding The Game

Like any game that you intend to bet on, learning and understanding the rules is extremely important, and can mean the difference between a win streak and a series of losses. Understanding the fundamental difference between serving and returning, the various kinds of play-styles, and the how the seeding system works can not only make your betting life that much easier, but allow you to quickly pinpoint which players are worth betting on, and which will not net you any funds.

Event factors like the surface of the court, whether the game is played indoors or outdoors, and what the weather is doing can have a massive impact on the odds and the bets available. It’s also recommended to try and have accounts with multiple bookmakers. Bookies tend to have different types of bets and odds, and where one bookie may have bets that don’t attract you, the other might. It can also mean having access to the best set of odds that the market has to offer you at any specific time.

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