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Now and then: the evolution of the slot machine

Believe it or not, the slot machine has been entertaining gamblers for almost 130 years now. The first model, the iconic Liberty Bell, was invented all the way back in 1891 by a man named Charles Fey. Offering 3 mechanical reels that were ready to start spinning at just the pull of a lever, it was simple yet effective and proved an instant hit in the bars of San Francisco.

News of the Liberty Bell’s success started to spread quickly. Fey soon found himself struggling to meet demand, as a case of slot mania struck the USA. Other manufacturers were quick to cash in on the hype, bringing out their own copycat machines. By the time we’d reached the half-way point in the 20th century, slot machines had crossed the Atlantic Ocean and various models were being massed produced across both Britain and America.

The middle of the 20th century was also a time of exciting new technological discoveries; it was these discoveries which enabled the slot machine to continue evolving at a phenomenal pace: by the end of the ‘60s, electronic models had been innovated; by the end of the ‘70s, highly-immersive video slots had been developed; by the end of the ‘80s, ground-breaking bonus features had been created to shake up the traditional slot experience.

It wasn’t until the ‘90s, however, that something truly remarkable happened: the slot machine moved online. This completely revolutionised the way slots are played, and it paved the way for the hundreds of online slot games now available on modern platforms like the bgo mobile casino app. Today’s slot players can enjoy fast, sleek and action-packed gameplay across all their favourite desktop, smartphone and tablet devices. And as game software companies continue to push the boundaries of the online slot, the future only looks to get more exciting for gamblers.

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