Alexi Sanchez Lands in Milan Ahead of Expected Inter Milan Loan

Alexis Sanchez is expected to Land in Milan ahead of a loan move to Inter Milan from Manchester United. Alexis has failed to make it to the packing order after falling out of favour under United new boss Ole Gunnar Solsjaer.

According to kiwi betting site this is one business deal that is going to be a piece of cake for Inter Milan since they recently struck another deal with Manchester United for the move of Romelu Lukaku. Then comes the Sanchez Loan deal. It’s actually a move in the right direction for Inter Milan and looks to be very ambitious to compete at the top level.

On the other hand, this deal is actually good for the Chilean international after experiencing some miserable time at Old Trafford since his move from Arsenal. It hasn’t been easy as playing the piano for Alexis Sanchez.

A Familiar Face in Serie A

Alexis Sanchez has been one of those players who has overcome many obstacles in his footballing career. The former Gunners talisman is set to return to Serie A after he had a successful spell with Udinese between 2008 and 2011 before going to play for Barcelona.

It has been a rollercoaster career for Alexis and he set to make his comeback to Italy and meet some familiar faces as well. Sanchez will make a reunion with Lukaku and the new Nerazzurri boss and former Chelsea boss Antonio Conte.

As reported by some best sports betting sites, Alexis Sanchez has been spotted in Milan after taking a quick flight into Italy and the 30-year-old is expected to undergo his medical imminently.

After failing to produce results at Manchester United, it doesn’t mean that the Chilean is a bad player. Maybe a change of tactics will work for him under Antonio Conte. The former is well known for his winning approach to every game. And Alexis Sanchez is actually the man who will definitely give him due to his hunger for success.

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